Campus Teaching is one of the eight flagship programs of the Merdeka Campus. In batch one, the number of registrants, as well as participants who passed stage one (administration), was 36,000 students. Then, they were re-selected through a diversity insight test, and the final participants from the Teaching Campus program were 15,000 students. This was conveyed by Ayu Sabrina, a student of the International Relations Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University who had the honor of meeting the President of the Republic of Indonesia and the Minister of Education and Culture, Research and Technology. She was invited as an inspirational figure to represent the 15,000 students participating in the Teaching Campus at the beginning of last June.

Ayu received two invitations at once, namely the Merdeka Campus talk session with the President and Mas Minister at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia on Monday, June 14, 2021, and the Fireside Chat Festival of the Merdeka Campus at the Kemendikbudristek Building on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Regarding her experience following the Teaching Campus, Ayu said that she and the Teaching Campus team carried out a teaching program at SD Negeri Kuwarasan 01, Semarang Regency, and focused on three superior programs, namely knowledge transfer, technology adaptation, and administrative affairs. Regarding the transfer of knowledge, focus on raising the spirit of achievement, public speaking skills, and also the students’ self-confidence. This program is run offline, namely going directly to the location (SD Negeri Kuwarasan 01) for three months.

“There is a story at that time when I first entered the class and asked the younger siblings to introduce themselves, some students did not dare to speak and some were crying. Then, after several meetings in the student class, the student who had cried when asked to introduce himself became the first student to offer to answer each question and come to the front of the class. In fact, the students are also fighting to come to the front of the class,” she said.

Regarding technology adaptation, Ayu and her team assist teachers in providing training on making learning videos and also promoting Teaching Campus activities at SD Negeri Kuwarasan 01 on YouTube pages ( and Instagram (

As for administrative matters, they reorganized the library where books from the government were labeled and neatly arranged on the library’s bookshelves. Previously, students rarely visited the library because the library at SD Negeri Kuwarasan 01 was not well maintained. Then, the library is decorated by buying carpets and also decorating the walls of the library so that the children will feel at home in the library, the result is that the literacy interest of the students will increase.

“When I met with the President and the Minister, I told stories and unique experiences during the Teaching Campus program, she was very happy with the story of teaching me and the Teaching Campus team at SD Negeri Kuwarasan 01. She even said that the social spirit has been embedded in him.  A memorable experience was when the President had time to invite us to joke when we told various things that we got while teaching at SD Negeri Kuwarasan 01, “he said.

“If taking education is worship, then achievement is da’wah. Education is still number one, but don’t forget to continue to spread benefits wherever your feet stand. Participating in the Merdeka Campus program is one of the means to excel and also supports Undip towards World Class University. Keep the spirit, and stay productive even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic!” she said excitedly. (Linda Public Relations)

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