We hereby announce to all Undip students of the 2020 and 2021 classes to immediately change their health facility services to Klinik Pratama Diponegoro 1 in accordance with the provisions of the Rector’s Announcement in this link.

Procedures for switching student health care facility through JKN Mobile are as follows:

  1. Prepare your BPJS ID number, mobile phone number and active email (for those who don’t register)
  2. Download the JKN Mobile App
  3. Login and Select Perubahan Data Peserta Menu
  4. Click the arrow image on level 1 health care facility, Klinik Pratama Diponegoro 1

Klinik Pratama Diponegoro 1 at Jl. Prof Sudarto SH (by Undip gas station), Contact Person: 081 566 44044 (Sinta) / 089 524 065 353 (Remi)

Download the Klinik Pratama Diponegoro 1 Health Care Facility Service Transfer Guidlines Via Playstore

Please Report the Change in Your Health Care Facility by Following These Steps:

  • Login SSO with your respective student account
  • Select FORM Application
  • Select the Form Pindah Fasyankes


Source: bak.undip.ac.id