Semarang, April 1, 2023

FISIP UNDIP is proud to hold a guest lecture organized by the Department of International Relations with the theme “Maritime Boundary Disputes in Southeast Asia”. This guest lecture was held on Saturday, 1 April 2023 at 10.00 WIB and was attended by students and lecturers of International Relations. The Department of International Relations presented I Made Andi Arsana, PhD as a resource person who has a reputation as a lecturer and principle investigator on Indonesia’s maritime boundaries.

The guest lecturer’s lecture begins with the opening, after which it is continued with the presentation of material by the resource persons. The material presented by the speakers was quite interesting because it directly described in detail how the calculation of the boundaries of the Indonesian sea area was based on the law of the sea. The resource person also explained based on these calculations how diplomatic efforts were made by Indonesia to fight for its maritime boundaries. The activities were interspersed with discussion sessions where these activities were enthusiastically attended by students. Some students are interested in studying more deeply the implementation of Indonesia’s maritime regulations and boundaries. The enthusiasm of these students was shown by their activeness in the question and answer session. After the event was over, several students said they were interested in developing maritime studies and Indonesia’s sea boundaries.

This guest lecturer lecture event is one of the efforts of the Department of International Relations in providing the latest insights and knowledge for students and the public regarding Indonesia’s maritime boundaries and their challenges. Knowledge of maritime dispute issues in Southeast Asia is important for International Relations students because the Southeast Asian region, especially Indonesia, has vast and strategic seas. This region has a crucial role in international trade and world transportation activities. The conflicts that arise will only have an impact on the economy, security and stability of the ASEAN region.

Therefore, by holding this guest lecturer lecture, it is hoped that International Relations students will be able to understand and know about maritime border management and diplomacy and how international rules are implemented within the framework of the international law of the sea. This guest lecture also provides an opportunity for students to learn from leading lecturers and practitioners in the field of maritime affairs and Indonesia’s maritime boundaries.